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Teeth bleaching is the process of lightening the color of teeth that have changed color or yellowed due to some reasons by a few tones to suit the person. It is the process of removing the discoloration that occurs in the tooth structure.

Why Does the Change in Tooth Color Occur?

The color of the teeth changes over time due to the food, drinks and cigarettes consumed. Teeth lose their whiteness. Bleaching treatment is applied to the teeth to correct the color structure of the teeth. Teeth bleaching is an easy and reliable procedure without the need to wear the teeth. The color of people's teeth is personalized like eye colors and hair colors. The elements in the structure of the teeth determine the color of the tooth. The enamel surface of the teeth has a structure that is too small to be noticed. Therefore, the natural tooth color changes over time by being affected by external factors.

How Is Teeth Bleaching Procedure Performed?

Teeth bleaching can be done in a clinical setting or at home with natural methods.

Teeth Bleaching with Laser

Laser bleaching is a procedure performed in the clinic and by the doctor. First, bleaching medication is placed on the teeth. Laser light is shone on the teeth to be whitened for a while. The laser light does not whiten the teeth. It is only used to make the tooth gel effective. The laser used does not affect the structure of the tooth. The procedure is performed in less than an hour. However, several sessions are required to achieve the desired whiteness. When the procedure is over, the color change in the teeth can be seen visually.

Teeth Bleaching Procedure at Home

The dentist measures the mouth and prepares a thin mold to be placed on the teeth. The person places the medicine into the mold prepared by the doctor and places it on the teeth. This medicine should be worn for at least six or eight hours a day. This application can last between one and four weeks. In the home teeth bleaching method and laser teeth bleaching method, the duration of treatment depends on the doctor's appearance. This period varies according to the coloration of the tooth. Both of the methods used are effective methods.