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We help children to protect their oral and dental health with preventive applications at the right time in line with their dental and age development.


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Put into service in December 2013, Private Dental Ank Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic has adopted the principle of providing the best service to the society with a smiling face by prioritizing patient satisfaction and patients' rights.

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Dental problems that start with initial caries can lead to infection risks, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney problems, stomach diseases and even cancer. Oral and dental care should be done regularly and preventive and protective treatments should be carried out with a dentist examination every 6 months for examination purposes even in the absence of any complaints. Not every problem in the mouth responds with pain, so periodic checks are essential. While you can treat the decay in your tooth with a filling, if it is kept waiting, canal treatment may be required or infection may occur when the decay progresses and presses on the nerve chamber and destroys the nerve chamber. If it is kept waiting even longer, the tooth may go to extraction and be lost. In addition, the cost increases with the procedures to be performed instead of the lost tooth. As it is known, early diagnosis saves lives.

First of all, the belief of calcium loss during pregnancy and tooth loss in every pregnancy is wrong. There may be changes in the oral environment during pregnancy. Plaque accumulation increases due to the hormonal increase. If plaque is not removed, then gingivitis occurs. Redness, edema, tenderness and bleeding are observed in the gums. However, if plaque is not removed, the area for bacteria to attach increases and early decay, risk of infection and early loss of the tooth are observed. If the patient is pregnant with gingivitis, its severity may increase during pregnancy and if left untreated, there may be tooth loss due to bone loss. Cleaning is appropriate in the first 3 months of pregnancy. The best time for other procedures is between 4-6 months. In emergency cases such as severe pain, treatment can be performed at any time during pregnancy. In case of anesthesia and medication, the obstetrician will be contacted and the patient will be informed. Procedures that can be postponed should be left for the period after delivery. Oral care should be given extra importance during pregnancy. The acidic condition of the mouth should be balanced in case of vomiting. Brushing the teeth should be avoided in case of gingival bleeding due to pregnancy. The best approach is to visit the dentist when the person is thinking of becoming pregnant. Early diagnostic examination is very crucial.