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Milk teeth play an important role in the development of the jaw and face. Milk teeth show many differences compared to permanent (primary) teeth. Deciduous dentition is very significant and the primary teeth will come in the future according to these teeth. Each milk tooth has a time to erupt and fall out. It is very important that the teeth fall out on time and the main tooth erupts on time. Therefore, they should be checked at regular intervals. Then they must be treated on time. An early extracted milk tooth creates many problems. These are: shifts occur in the place of the teeth due to early loss and cause the person's permanent tooth to fail to erupt. As a result of this crowding, early caries, pulp damage, infections and early loss may occur due to insufficient cleaning of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is also needed to correct crowding. In addition, preventive procedures are also performed. Placeholders, one of them, are made to protect the place of the original tooth instead of the teeth lost early. In this way, the original teeth are preserved. In addition, decay preventive procedures are also applied.