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Implants are the closest options to natural teeth in order to provide both function (such as speaking, chewing) and aesthetics instead of lost natural teeth and to prevent bone loss. Failure is almost not seen in implant applications as long as the correct application and conditions are met.  

One of the purposes of implants is to take over the root function of the teeth. After the implants fuse with the jaw bones, artificial teeth can be placed on them. The fusion of the implant with the jawbone varies according to the patient's bone and oral environment conditions and takes 2-6 months. In implant treatment, the patient's gums are extremely important for the teeth to look aesthetically good. First of all, gingival health should be ensured. Another benefit of the implant is that there is no need to reduce the healthy teeth and make a bridge due to tooth loss. The application of an implant takes 5-10 minutes. The application is performed with local anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel pain in any way. Depending on the patient's request, bearberde can be performed with sedation or general anesthesia.